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We’ll Prosecute Parents Of Roaming Pupils – Tambuwal

We’ll Prosecute Parents Of Roaming Pupils – Tambuwal

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Sokoto State governor Aminu Tambuwal has said that the state government will arrest and prosecute parents whose children roam the streets during school hours.
Tambuwal, while addressing lawyers at the ongoing 55th Annual General Conference (AGC) of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Abuja, said the state will implement fully the Child Right Act.

He said that the services of lawyers are crucial to national development, adding that lawyers are needed more in the legislative arm of government.
The former governor who referred to himself as a baby governor said that his greatest weapon that has helped him in life, aside from God, is being a lawyer.

He said, “Lawyers in the public service perform a crucial task in national development, especially in the legislature, making laws”.
He said the challenge of the anti-corruption war lies with lawyers in the country.
He stated, “This challenge of the anti-corruption war, in my opinion, poses the greatest challenge to lawyers in public office, whether in the legislative, executive or judiciary at the federal, state or local tiers of government. I foresee that in the near future, the contribution of lawyers in public office will be assessed largely based on the success or otherwise of this war.
“I, therefore, call on all of us who are in public office at this point of our history to rise up to this challenge if we are not to be consigned to the harsh judgement of history tomorrow. May God bless our effort in the prosecution of our national development programme.

“It is also important to reflect on the fact that in Nigeria, lawyers are indispensable in the law making process as they possess the exclusive expertise in legal drafting. Both Bills and the end products, the Acts and Laws must be transformed from the legislator’s intention in lay form into legal form by lawyers through legal draftsmanship.



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