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The confidence that kills: Biodun could not graduate

The confidence that kills: Biodun could not graduate

In this post, I want to share a short story that exude the cecity in our universities, obliterating confidence and making many a lecturers demi-gods.

I was attending my first history class in the university. Sitting by me is Biodun, an ‘uncle’ I have been admiring since I was in JSS2. I stayed at home for three years after secondary school before I gained admission and here I was receiving lectures with him, as a colleague. Him no dey finish! I contemplated. At least he has been in the university since I was in junior secondary school.

Sho, I take style ask him. His story, while in his second year in the university, during a particular class, a professor was talking about the importance of dreams and courage, using Obafemi Awolowo as a classic example of a brave man our National history will not forget in a jiffy in generations to come. How about each and every one of you sitting here, what will you be remembered for? Bodacious uncle Biodun cut in, prof, what will you be remembered for? The prof paused and screamed; oh I will be remembered as your teacher…. And without me you won’t get your degree from this university.

Five years after uncle Biodun mates graduated, he has not been able to pass the professor course.

What will you do in this type of situation, leave your comments below



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