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  • Basic Technology Skills Job Seekers Should Possess
    Basic Technology Skills Job Seekers Should Possess

    This is an illuminating post from Segun Akiode. In my line of work as a recruiter, when I interview candidates, a question I often ask is, “What is your level of computer proficiency?” To this seemingly simple question, various shocking answers come up and the most ridiculous among them is, ‘I am good at browsing […]

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  • The Problem with 21st-Century Education
    The Problem with 21st-Century Education

    Ever since 2000, educators and education reform folks have been quick to refer to “21st-century education.” For over a decade, this term has been used to describe the changing landscape for educators. What it has become is another one of the many catchphrases (e.g. “differentiation,” “rigor,” “personalized learning”) thrown around by educators, reformers and anyone, […]

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