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Undoubtedly the progress every country, especially economically and in morals is a product of the quality of her educational system. For us in Nigeria, since independence in 1960, as other countries moves ahead in improving their educational system, we move two steps behind in retrogression – weather in policies and reforms, lack of access, poor infrastructure, out-dated curriculum, deficient professional development, and the list goes on!

But this is no time to continually identify the issues like we have done over the decades and years; it is time for proactive measures, workable solutions. This is the objective of the Edugist Solution Box – to create a veritable platform for technocrats to identify, advice and proffer strategic, implementable solutions to the government through the Ministry of Education. As you know the president or minister of Education cannot turn around the sector personally, our collective effort is required to build and sustain a world class, robust education system that will produce problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovators, doctors, real leaders, global contenders, entrepreneurs and the game-changers of the new Nigeria. Education is a goldmine that never runs out of gold. There is no better time than now to build our National goldmine for the next generation. This is a call to patriotism; to help our country’s today and her tomorrow. Thank you for taking part!

Edugist collates some of the leading solutions matching identified issues, make hard copies and delivers them to the office of the honourable minister of education at the end of every month. We also accept state specific solutions but only deliver them to the states Commissioners of Education once in a quarter if they are up to five submissions due to limited budget.

Make your submission below… together lets revive our National Education!

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You understand and agree that the submission is not confidential because it will be securitized by an advisory, expert academic team before selection and it will be publish as a post after utilization. You acknowledge that Edugist and MoE (when submitted) has no obligation of any kind with respect to the suggestion and is free to reproduce, use, disclose, exhibit, display, transform, create derivative works of, and distribute the suggestion to others without limitation. You acknowledge that the MoE is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or a technique contained therein for any purpose and has no obligation whatsoever to compensate or credit you or other third parties.

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