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This blog is powered by Edugist Education Consult. Edugist is Nigeria’s #1 Education Diary blog. Aside the advertisement and promotions that I accept  here, I render the following under listed services professionally with attention to details, best and timely delivery at affordable fees.

Digital Consulting                                                                                                                                 I work with schools, individuals and organizations to optimize their social media and by extension the internet for better relationship, communication, transactions, learning and service delivery. What I do here includes building and advising on virtual classrooms and methodology, blended learning, digital marketing strategy, market research, video marketing, social media strategy, content market strategy, social channels strategy, email marketing, writing for digital, students/customer relationship management, and web PR.

With the disruption of education by technology, I speak to schools about the impact of technology in education ranging from blended learning, classroom flipping, and virtual education. With the assistant of my team, I manage and develop contents schools and organisations Facebook pages, Twitter timelines, Google+ circles and produce short videos for their YouTube channel.

I also promote education related initiatives, events, innovations, and products on traditional media on radio and television.   

Excursions for schools and organizations                                                                                              I package excursion and field trips to choice places for individuals and their families, schools and organizations, anywhere in Nigeria. I’ve had one excursion trip out of Nigeria to Kenya with a group of university students. Plans are underway for my first Europe and Asia excursion trip with two secondary schools, God helping us.

Photography                                                                                                                                                           I love it when I capture that special moment with my DSLR canon camera. I specialize in corporate photography for schools and organizations. When is that next event of yours? Am just a dial away please. Pictures, of course don’t lie.

Photojournalism                                                                                                                                The different between this service and the above is journalism. Hehehe! I currently train at the reputable Nigeria Institute of Journalism in Photojournalism. Though a freelancer, I like it when I don’t proofread ceaselessly for the fear of the editor spotting errors. A well taken picture(s) does it for me. Are there any education events you want the public to know about, just a call or email, and I shall help you “throw” it to them, with a feel of being in attendance through photos, and of course journalism.

Research and Survey                                                                                                                           Do you have any product and service to launch into NIgeria’s Education market? Is it a solution to one of the problems bedeviling the education system? Do you want to set up a school? Do you want ‘uncooked’ data for a specific education purpose? Do you to bring your idea to reality? No qualms, you have the right guy that understands the local education market very well. A guy who can get his hands dirty to make things. A researcher per excellence. Over here, data usage seems proscribe. But Elvis does not do any work without comprehension of the full details and row data involved.

Education-focused Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation                                         Are you an individual or organization that wants to invest in education at any level and form? I do the research for you – the processes, your benefits – direct or indirect and ensuring it reach that poor child you want to really help. Not hanging on air. I’ve execute many events and products/service launch in many public schools at all level for companies and individuals across the country. On regular basis, we’re piloting education initiatives across boards.

Digital Year Book                                                                                                                        Instead of the conventional hard copy year book; our innovation is digital. Schools at the beginning of the school year are signed up to this service. We document all their activities for the year in pictures and short videos and produce a year book for the session in DVD/CDs, with an option of archiving them on the web. Terms and condition applies.

Event Host/Speaking                                                                                                                             I host education events of any type – inter-house sport, debates, end of the year/session gathering, award/prize giving ceremonies, convocation parties, book launch, school opening, competitions, and just any education event! I add finesse to your event. I also engage in speaking gig with concentration on Early Childhood Education and Educational Technology topics. Topics I anchor includes:

  • Child Psychology
  • Education Leadership
  • Effective Communication for Educators and Students
  • Blended Learning
  • Harnessing Social Media for Academic Result
  • Balancing Vocational Competence and Academics using myself as a case study
  • Educational Technology
  • How to be a ‘new’ Teacher for Gen Y.
  • Branding for schools and Students, etc.

I am flexible and can tweak any educational topic to fit intended purpose and audience.

Event Coverage                                                                                                                             Nobody give your event live like the Edugist team. From planning to publicity, to coverage on radio, TV, live on EdugistTV and up-to-date info on the blog. We understand Media, Technology and Education, all we do in the tote up!

What next?                                                                                                                                                       If you require any of the services above, advert placement and enquiries, please contact Elvis on:

Mobile: +2348185787349                                                                                                                             Email:

P.S…. Remember the services delivery is professionally done with attention to details, best outcome and timely at affordable fees.



~                                                                                                                                                       Elvis


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